Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Safari / Shockwave3D bug fix coming!

Yay! The dreaded Shockwave3D vertical shift in Safari appears to be fixed in the OpenDarwin codebase. It will still be a few months before it trickles up into common usage, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel.


JAson said...

This site rocks.
CC you are someone who needs to be in the industry teaching people your humble creations.

Please email me i would like ot see if you would be interested in a few things I have in the works.


Any way to create mutiple faces for your magic mirror???

The Garage Haunt Team
Jason & John
Garage Haunt

CC said...

Glad you like the site, Jason. I sent you an email under separate cover.

For those wondering, there is not currently a way to make multiple faces for the Magic Mirror, but I'm slowly working on an application that will. Watch the ImaginEERIEing site for details. (Or subscribe to this blog's RSS, because I'll post notice about it here when I release it.)