Wednesday, August 24, 2005

iPuppet coming along

iPuppet ScreenshotResponse has been so positive and voluminous to my Magic Mirror application, I've decided to make a generic digital puppetry application, called iPuppet, that will allow haunters to build their own digital puppets for use in their haunts. Shown here is a screenshot of the application under development.

iPuppet won't (currently) allow you to create 3D models like the Magic Mirror, but it will allow you to create 2D puppets like what you see on my Jolly Roger preview. Basically, you draw the pieces in another application like Photoshop or Flash, import them as layers, reorder them, and add animators to define how it all moves. Animators can be set to trigger on a keypress, thus turning your images into a digital puppet.

Hopefully, I'll get version one out in time for haunters to use it in the upcoming 2005 season.

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