Sunday, August 21, 2005

Day three of Carnival of Souls Construction

Daniel poses with a crypt doorI just added some photos to my flickr photo album showing day three of construction on our new big attraction for Carnival of Souls 2005.

Basically, what we're building is a mausoleum, complete with working crypt doors in one of the walls. It's going to be about ten feet wide, ten feet deep, and a little over eight feet tall. This thing is going to be huge, but the ambiance of having something this big, I think, is going to be well worth the cost, time, and effort.

Daniel, my buddy shown here in the pictures, is being a tremendous help with this project. I couldn't have done it without him. Not only does he has a prodigious array of tools, but he's a fast and skilled worker who encouraged me to go for something this big in the first place. The fun factor at Carnival of Souls this year will be in large part due to his hard work and generous gift of time. I can't wait to see this thing all detailed and assembled!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the many kudos. I had a lot of fun last year working on the crypt and this year has been even more fun. I think the mausoleum will be a huge success. I can't wait to see the final product. You are the man with the vision, I am just a guy with a lot of tools....Besides, I am going to need your creative mind for my Christmas project.....



CC said...

No problem, man. Thanks for taking the time to help out!