Monday, August 22, 2005

Haunted Paper Toys

Midnight Banshees gameBoingboing recently posted a notice about a mechanical paper toy bat, but that bat is only one of over a dozen awesome papercraft goodies with a spooky theme.

This guy does it right. The artwork is superb, the papercraft is innovative, and the toys sounds downright fun. The image shown here is from a papercraft game called Midnight Banshees, which features an innovative beneath-the-gameboard spinner which makes it a mystery which crypt the vampire is hiding in. Awesome!

Even better, we've been bandying about the idea of, instead of candy, handing out a coloring book, activity book, or similar item for Halloween this year, customized for our attraction, to help the Halloween magic last beyond the 31st for the kids. Well, after seeing this guy's site, I'm inspired to see if we can design some papercraft goodies of the Carnival of Souls for the kids to construct and play with. That would be much more fun than just a coloring book...

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