Sunday, August 28, 2005

First Carnival of Souls puppet show design meeting

We just finished our first design meeting for the black light puppet show that will accompany our Carnival of Souls Halloween celebration.

Last year, we introduced the neighborhood to Madame Sarita's Spirit Parlour, where they met Madame Sarita, a kindly young witch looking to flex her mystic powers, and a host of summoned ghosts, including the evil Marius Blackwood, the old carnival ringmaster and dabbler in the dark arts.

This year, the story will pick up where we left off. Sarita, having narrowly saved the ghost of the beautiful Sarah Beaumont, has been doing her research all year, and now thinks she can take out Marius once and for all. All she needs is to wait until Halloween night to be able to summon him again. But are her newfound magic incantations strong enough to defeat a minion of the Dark Powers of the Earth? Will she finally allow the spirit of Sarah Beaumont to rest, or will she find her own destruction? I guess we'll find out on Halloween night...

We've come up with a host of great visual ideas for this year's show, and we'll be cutting back on the narrative in favor of a more action-oriented display. We've got an outline of the plot, and a list of effects we think we can accomplish, and by next week, we're going to have the first draft done and a list of effects to build. Boo scary!

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