Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Relay for Life

As if I don't have enough to do between now and All Hallow's Eve (building a mausoleum, stagecrafting a black light puppet show, building new carnival games, creating other props, releasing iPuppet), I'm also on a team of people to help create a booth at this year's Relay for Life, an overnight Cancer research fundraiser about two weeks from now.

My wife had the idea that we could create things that would work for both Halloween and this fundraiser, so that all this work could be used more than once a year. So we started up a Relay for Life team. While typical Halloween fare would be too morbid, we thought a "Pirates" theme would be fun, and anything we built for that could be repurposed.

Unfortunately, as the team grew, the theme got changed to "Wild West," which is not really repurposeable at all, and now I'm committed to creating a wild west "Saloon and Dance Hall" facade. Which is fine, except for all the other things vying for my time and attention right now.

But it should be fun anyway - anything creative like this is fun. Luckily, we've decided to aim low - we're getting refrigerator boxes and decorating them. Easy peasy, and we should be able to knock them out a morning. A teammate dropped off the boxes today, so this weekend, we'll be creating a wild west town. Yee-haw!

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