Sunday, August 28, 2005

Day four of Carnival of Souls construction cancelled. Go to the Deming Duck Races instead

Sadly, I woke up today with a hella sore throat, so I cancelled the construction day. It's cool with Daniel, because the annual Deming Duck Races are this weekend, and he's got some kiddos to take.

If you've never been to the Deming Duck Races, and if you're within reasonable driving distance, consider going - it's great fun. There are lots of food, music, and crafts, and the activities include karaoke showdowns, hot air balloon ascensions and nighttime balloon glows, horseshoe tournaments, poker runs, outhouse races, carnivals, green chile cookoffs, and of course, the world-famous and ever-popular duck races. I tell ya, nothing is funnier than the high-speed waddle of a running duck.

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Daniel Lopez said...

Hey CC,

We survived the Deming Duck Races! We raced two ducks but we did not make the semi-finals. I think the two ducks that we picked were too tired (having raced all day yesterday). We got to eat funnel cake and turkey legs! (Which is the real reason I like to go!) I have some pictures if you want to post them...