Saturday, August 27, 2005

Relay for Life construction day

Today, we built some of the structures for our local Relay for Life event. As I mentioned earlier, Relay for Life is a fundraiser for Cancer research, and is basically an excuse to throw an overnight party for charity.

Our contribution to the event is going to be a wild west themed fun area for kids. Our original ideas of wooden facades and such were pared back drastically when we compared them to our budget, and the subsequent de-scoping landed us firmly in the territory of cardboard. But that's okay - between the refrigerator boxes we got to the leftover paint I had lying around, we were able to put together a few cool things. They won't last years, but they'll be fun anyway.

We have a shooting gallery that looks like a bank; robbers will appear in the windows and you shoot them with a ping pong ball gun. We have a jail that people can get put into until someone is willing to pay bail for them. We have some large panels that kids or adults can get behind to take photos of their heads on the bodies of an outlaw, a prospector, and a saloon girl. We have some other tricks in the works by other members of the team, so hopefully, we'll have enough cool stuff to draw a crowd of kids.

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