Saturday, August 27, 2005

Big Lots run

Managed to sneak in a trip to Big Lots today, and picked up a few things.

First, I picked up two more "bluckies." Bluckies are blown plastic almost-lifesize skeletons, way cheaper and lighter than buying the anatomical teaching skeletons. They look like crap out of the bag, but with a little corpsing, they look okay, especially if you replace out the deformed-looking head with a proper skull.

Second, I picked up two skulls to attach to the bluckies. Heh. These were the typical foam skulls that get sold around this time of year, but these had an interesting aged effect to them that might save me some trouble.

Third, I picked up some more rats for our "Rat toss" game.

Finally, I picked up a big bag of spiderwebbing so that we can choke the ceiling of the mausoleum with spiders and spider webs. Should be a pretty cool look.

There were other things there I'd like to buy, but they were either unusable for our haunt or overpriced. My son liked their animated gargoyle. Sort of. He was fascinated by it, showing a proper interest in spooky items, but when it did its roar and flapped its wings, I could feel him cling to me tighter. Still, he kept pointing at it, wanting me to set it off again, so I accommodated him. Hopefully, he won't have nightmares about it tonight.

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