Monday, October 24, 2005

Still more construction

Tonight, we had a whole passel of people working on Carnival of Souls 2005: eleven people came over and helped in various capacities tonight.

We got the holes cut in the back wall foam to accommodate the crypt doors, and Matt's team did a good job working on the front facade - they're adding a lot of interesting little touches that are going to look great when it's done. Meanwhile, Byron and Holly worked on the lighting for the crypts in the mausoleum - we're going with small battery-operated ultrabright LED's of various colors to illuminate the crypts.

I'm constantly amazed at the level of dedication of our team of volunteers - there's no way we could have pulled this year's event off without the generous gift of time and effort being given from many people this year, both veterans of the Carnival of Souls and new recruits. This year's show is going to be amazing.

But it's getting down to the wire, and I'm a little apprehensive about the whole thing. There's a lot to do, and we're expecting record numbers of visitors - there's talk of multiple families in neighborhoods 30 minutes away planning on driving to our place for Halloween! Yikes! But the biggest thing I'm worried about is the kids having fun. Part of me knows they'll love it, but the other part of me is worried about the myriad things that can go wrong, from crowd control to thunderstorms. With less than a week until Halloween, I'm freaking out a little bit - I don't want to disappoint anyone after all the build-up. I guess I just need to put my fate in the hands of the Great Pumpkin and hope for the best.


Daniel said...

I think your biggest worry should be...."where in hades are all these people going to park their cars?"

Sorry we had to leave a little early. It is quite a task to get 3 little ones ready for school on a Sunday night!

CC said...

You send your kids to school on a Sunday night? j/k

Yeah, it was no problem. Just getting those shelves set up to finish detailing was the big thing - that's something I can't do by myself at home. And as usual, any help is appreciated!