Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Another fantastic Magic Mirror Implementation

Photo of Magic Mirror in castle facadeI just got an email from someone who has done another awesome implementation of our Magic Mirror effect.

The lighting design on the mirror facade is spectacular, and the facade itself is beautifully done to look like the front of a castle, complete with turrets.

He used the Magic Mirror last year and said that it was a huge hit with his visitors. That's great to hear - I'm loving the fact that the Magic Mirror is helping people all over the country provide fantastic, spooky experiences for their local trick-or-treater's. It's a really gratifying experience.


mike said...

neph my mirror has more detail than the one you posted on your site and you never showed mine

CC said...

I'd love to correct that oversight, Mike. Sorry about that.

(For those reading along, Mike was one of the first people to send me photos and video of the Magic Mirror in action at their haunt. Mike's an early adopter!)

Looking back through my email archives, I've found two photos that I could post from, but one of them is pretty noisy (looks like it was shot in low light and had its brightness kicked way up). The other is a shot of it in bright light in what looks like your garage. This latter one shows a lot of clear detail. Are those all the photos, or are there others I should be aware of? I'm not sure I'm getting everything since I think when we were communicating, you had two separate email addresses...?

I wasn't able to open the video when I tried just now - I think I'm missing a QuickTime codec.

Also, what is your current web site address? The one I have for you in my archives seems to not be working...

Anonymous said...

cc -iwas just busting your chops,i'm one of your biggest fans-yeah those were my lousy pics,my wife took them so who am i to complain(she takes video every halloween and she screws that up too)never finished the pirate maybe next year .the cannon mech is up and running though-you need a kit 74 helps alot for the more complicated props -will see about getting a better link to that video for you....

CC said...

That's cool. Don't be too upset about the video and photos - if there's one thing I've learned the last couple of Halloweens is that it's damn hard to get good photos, let alone good video. I think the key is to get a tripod, or some other stable surface, for the photos. Video, well, without good lighting, the only option is nightshot, which isn't so great.

Well, if you take some photos of your Mirror over the next couple of days, fire 'em off to me!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to use your Magic Mirror digital puppet on my PC, however I'm having trouble getting the mouth to open. I've tried mapping to a new keystroke. However, I believe that I must be doing something incorrectly - could you help me? My email is jeboswell@gmail.com


CC said...

jeboswell (and anyone else who's reading this) -

Typically, problems with keystrokes not responding is due to a problem in the pref file that it generates. Check the prefs file and make sure you are following the format exactly (sorry for the crappy interface - I hope to fix this at some point to make it more user-friendly!). If you want to start over, just delete your preferences file and launch the Magic Mirror again - it will recreate the pref file for you so you have a clean copy to work from.

If you still can't get it to work, send me your preferences file and I'll take a look at it. My email is nephilimz@macz.com, without the z's.