Saturday, October 29, 2005

Nukestock 2005

Rich and Mike play Rush songs at Nukestock 2005Managed to get some time to head out to Nukestock tonight. Saw a lot of friends I hadn't seen in a while, mostly friends from my days at college. Some I know really well (such as one of my college roommates), others I know only in passing, but they're all fun to talk to, and when we all do manage to get together, it sure doesn't seem like it's been as long as it has been since we talked last. Good friends and good people are like that, I guess.

The theme this year was Cthulhu, and more generally, things of an oceanic / aquatic nature. Unable to come up with an appropriate costume due to all the prep work for Carnival of Souls, I just appropriated a fish from my son's toy chest and wore that. Lame, yes, but better than showing up with nothing.

But other people were more creative. Probably the most impressive display were the six people who came in custom-made jellyfish costumes. They looked pretty awesome under the black light. Kurt's Cthulhu costume was pretty good, as was the aquatic-themed decor of his entire house (including the bathroom!). Other costumes avoided the sea life theme, such as Byron's excellent wizard costume, Joe's spot-on recreation of Paul Schaefer, and Scott's "Horse with no name" costume which Dana helped him build using her typical skill at instant crafting. There was even a stunningly hip and well-executed Flying Spaghetti Monster costume.

Overall, a fun party. I hope to get out there for the third night of partying tomorrow. (Nukestock spans several days of parties, and includes several distinct events such as road rallies, beer tastings, barbeques, brunches, etc.)

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