Thursday, October 13, 2005

Smooth move, G.W.

Apparently, the crony that Bush nominated to the Supreme Court engages in a bit of fecal exhibitionism now and then. In a birthday note to her, he concluded with the words "P.S. no more public scatology."

What exactly this unpleasant reference refers to, and more disturbing, how Bush came to know of it, is apparently unknown, but it sure will be entertaining to watch Scott McClelland try to parlay this into another reason why she's perfectly suited for the Supreme Court, as they did with the fact that she has had no judicial experience.

Politically, this document lays to rest any pretense that George and Harriet are not "bestest buddies." I mean, what Bush was referring to there requires a level of intimacy I don't care to reach with even my closest friends. Ever.

It's also worth noting that apparently our president has the handwriting skills of a first grader. He is unable to write legibly or space his lines evenly, even when he's writing a birthday letter to a friend. Or when he's inappropriately writing about the excrement of a woman he knows from work. On official Texas government stationery that the taxpayers paid for. You'd think that when all your memos are being archived for later review, you'd put a little effort into your penmanship (and a little restraint into your correspondence), but Bush just isn't the smartest pope in the woods, I guess.

(Via BoingBoing.)

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