Monday, October 03, 2005

LASSIE Adventure Studio

A hobbyist developer has released a freeware Director and Flash based adventure game creator called LASSIE, for "Lingo Adventure Scripting System and Interactivity Engine. The demo seems pretty robust, but not immediately intuitive (read the directions at the bottom of the screen). Once you figure out the controls, however, it's quite straightforward and usable.

He also has taken the curious step to allow online versions of the game, but he has to compile them into .dcr files (for a fee). Not sure why he doesn't just write a loader for the Lassie files as a .dcr - he's going to be doing a lot of re-publishing for people as bugs are found in their online games.

But either way, it's nice to see a hobbyist give back to his community. For multimedia developers like me, I can roll my own and not be limited to the decisions he makes for his game engine, but there are a lot of hobbyists out there who could easily make their visions come true with a tool like this. Seems like a worthy effort.

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