Monday, October 10, 2005

Halloween Progress

Garage ShotWe've gotten a lot done over the last two days. Several people have come to help out, and we've got a lot of our foam flats routed and painted (the photo shows what my garage generally looks like right now). My buddy Matt, a talented illustrator and animator, designed the look of the frontage for the mausoleum, and we're busy getting everything detailed.

A crew of friends toiled over our small army of bluckies which will inhabit the mausoleum. They are now done being corpsified - they look nice and dessicated now.

A friend of ours from my wife's stand-up comedy days has joined our team and is going to work his stagecraft magic on our talking pirate skulls.

Byron, Jen, and I worked some more on the script for Madame Sarita's Spirit Parlour, and boy, do we have some cool visuals for this year's show, to go along with the stronger script ideas that Byron and Jen brought to the table this year. The kids are in for a treat with this show!

And I got a message from Daniel that the mausoleum frame is now complete. The shelves behind the crypt doors are installed, and everything is ready to go. The only problem is that it is too heavy for him and his wife to move themselves, so we're going to get a crew over there to move the Blackwood Mausoleum over here.

I've added a few photos to our Halloween 2005 flickr album.

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