Thursday, November 03, 2005

Video captured!

Hoo! After some techie twiddling, I managed to get some of Daniel's Hi-8 footage transferred over to DV for creating some web movies. As I type this, I'm compressing some video of our Mausoleum barker's fantastic performance for web delivery. Tomorrow, I'll try to get it into some sort of presentable format on the ImaginEERIEing site, assuming I can get some time to work on it.

Included in the video I digitized is an entire performance of Madame Sarita's Spirit Parlour, our black light puppet show attraction. Now in its second year, it was a big hit, and now you'll finally be able to see it.

I should mention that the only reason you'll see video from 2005 is because of Daniel - our DV camera pooped out after we all failed to charge the battery. Yet again, it's Daniel to the rescue!

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