Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ginormous difficulties for the Ginormous Tree

Attaching the Ginormous StarWe had some Ginormous Problems with adding a Ginormous Star to the top of the Ginormous Tree at Daniel's place this morning.

Apparently, the Ginormous Star was a little too Ginormous. After we attached it to the pole, we engaged in a series of wacky antics trying to get the pole back upright and secured. I'm sure we looked like the Three Stooges or the Keystone Cops to my wife, who was no doubt smirking to herself from her vantage point a safe distance away.

In the end, we got the Ginormous Tree up and relatively secured, but the pole was bent in multiple places, and we realized the thing would not stay up until January, and it had to come down. Despite our best efforts to put it down gently, it came crashing down about 180 degrees away from where we intended, and the Ginormous Star broke.

I'm sure Daniel is feeling a little discouraged at this point, but the thing is, this is just a temporary setback. It's not even Thanksgiving yet - he has plenty of time to get this thing figured out. He's an eminently capable guy, and he has the drive and vision to not just give up. He'll refactor it and it will be even better than it would have been.

And when you think about it, all this setback really means is that he's really thinking big. He's got ideas that tickle the edge of what the physical universe will support. That's the kind of creative drive and vision that I really appreciate about Daniel. He was the only one who was certain that we could do the Blackwood Mausoleum for Halloween this year, and it was his drive and skill, even moreso than mine, that made it a reality. You think a pole with some lights on it is going to stop Daniel? Think again!

See the saga of this morning's Ginormous Tree raising and falling starting with this photo in my flickr photostream.

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Daniel Lopez said...

The Gi-Normous Tree lives.....