Thursday, November 03, 2005

SpookyDad's Pirate Haunt

SpookyDad's haunt frontageI just got an email from SpookyDad, who says that he used our Jolly Roger digital puppet for his absolutely awesome-looking pirate-themed yard haunt. Going above and beyond the normal call, SpookyDad built a pirate ship, complete with a firing cannon, into his yard haunt, and projected the Jolly Roger digital puppet onto the pirate ship's sail! How awesome is that?

Be sure to check out all the pictures, especially the nighttime ones - his lighting style is very evocative and professional-looking. (This ought to be of particular interest to Daniel, who keeps talking about building a pirate ship for next year...)


Daniel Lopez said...

Wow! Man that is sooo cool! I especially like the artillery. Maybe would launch popcorn balls at the trick or treaters?

My head is spinning with ideas, but I think that we could create a false front view of the ship and have pirate skeletons dancing on it.

I think I could design it to where it could still be stored flat...

Are you ready for Halloween 2006?


CC said...

Heh. I knew you'd like this one, Daniel! (Or, should I say, Danny O' the Black Beard?)

But where would we put an entire pirate ship, Daniel? Maybe instead of doing the pirate ship for the yard haunt, we should do it as a float for the Fourth of July parade.

And oh, yes, I'm ready for Halloween 2006. One idea that has been floated is to have a postmortem meeting to discuss what went right, what went wrong, and what to do for next year.

Daniel Lopez said...

A postmortem meeting is great idea. Count me in. Besides, maybe I could pick some of your noises - er - I mean brains for my holiday light decorations...

I have a pretty neat idea for the pirate ship that I think would work. It involves creating only the front part of the ship. Using a two flat walls hinged together at a point and then covering with foam for detail - it should work.


SpookyDad said...

My pirate ship is stored in our 10' x 30' storage unit. We will be retiring the pirate theme for a couple of years so I am tearing it apart this year. The cannon fires a 4" plastic cannon ball (on a wire) that reloads itself. There are movies of it in action on my props page. I am working on getting some video of the haunt up on the website shortly.