Monday, November 21, 2005

First decent attempt at modeling

Render 1Well, tonight I did some of my first character modeling after having watched the video I referred to earlier, and the results were pretty good, considering my near-zero amount of experience with this. I'm still nowhere near done with the model, but what I have so far is a lot better than what I thought I'd have at the end of the evening.

Best of all, I managed to start building my geometry-creation skills - now I understand better what the workflow for generating geometry looks like (although I'm pretty sure I'm still missing some things), and I was able to modify the geometry to get it to look pretty close to the way I wanted, which is something that has entirely eluded me in the past. In fact, it seemed pretty simple compared to what I had been attempting before, which I guess means it's finally "snapping" for me.

Hopefully, my skills will continue to improve so that I can start putting them to use building character models for use in Shockwave3D...

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