Monday, November 14, 2005

Plans for 2006

Some of the principals of Carnival of Souls got together tonight to discuss plans for next year's event. Over some green chile enchiladas, we started concocting the nasty surprises we'll have in store for visitors next year. We've got some good starting notions, which I think we can develop into some great attraction magic next October.

Bob Diven said that he was struck by the fact that practically all our visitors walked around with a sense of wonder on their face at our event, something you very seldom get in a few people, let alone an entire crowd. That's awesome, because that's exactly what we are shooting for: something better than just the average Halloween decorations and pop-out-at-you scares. We're looking to create an experience that is magical and original, and I really think that with this team, we are going to be able to succeed at that year over year.

The down side, of course, is that we only have one night a year to do Carnival of Souls. It's a lot of work and money to sink into three hours out of the year.

However, a few other ideas came to light, and it looks like our group is interested in participating in two other local events: the Fourth of July light parade and the Renaissance Fair. The idea is to bring the same artistic and creative flair that we bring to Carnival of Souls to these events. This will give us something fun to work on during the "off season." We're going to get together in January to make new tombstones for the graveyard and discuss plans for Fourth of July. 2006 is going to be a fun year!


Daniel Lopez said...

Hey CC,

Sorry I couldn't make the meeting last night. Too many things going on at home. Anyway, count me in for the light parade!


DeathTouch said...

Did you say Renaissance Fair? I went to the one in Cheeseland, that would be Wisconsin in case you didn't know. Of course, I have pictures. Take a look. My favorite is the laundry lady, who cleans up after everyone after the mud fight. And yes, the pictures under the fair pictures are not Macs. LOL.