Friday, September 01, 2006

Yorick demo available

Okay, there's finally a demo available for Yorick, our new digital puppet for use in Halloween home haunting. It's available for both Mac and PC.

As I've mentioned before, this digital puppet is much nicer than the original Magic Mirror, because it has more features and now has a console which makes it much easier to set up:
Yorick Screenshot

I'm in the process of getting an online store set up so that you can get your hands on the full version. (The original Magic Mirror will remain free for those of you on tight budgets.)

I'd appreciate bug reports and other problems you encounter, especially on the Windows side, since I don't have a Windows box to test with. Or just whether you like it or not.

NOTE: If you're planning on using Yorick or the Magic Mirror for your Halloween home haunt this year, please test it out well in advance of the big night - last year, we had some eleventh-hour emergencies from people trying to get their Magic Mirrors working, and it was tough to get the time to respond to them. We're home haunters, too, so time gets a little short as All Hallow's Eve approaches.


Mark said...

I downloaded the windows version. I got a lot of scripting errors. Also couldn't take the files out of the zip folder. Maybe the reason why I got the scripting errors. Oh, and I also got a window coming up when I pressed shift 5 times fast, but was able to disable the feature. And no Yorick roll for your treat game? It would have been cool. LOL.

Mike C. said...

EXCELLENT demo, I think it is bug-free so far on PC (been playing with it for two days, no hassles yet!). A really nice, fun product. Will the full version be able to record or 'save' a performed event?
Anyway, make the full version available soon, Hallowe'en approacheth !!!

CC said...

Thanks for checking out Yorick and sending me your feedback.

The "shift 5 times" thing is a Windows "feature" called sticky keys which, as you mentioned, can be disabled at the OS level.

On Windows, the "Xtras" folder needs to be in the same folder as the Yorick application, otherwise, you'll probably get error messages. Try that, and if that doesn't fix your error messages, let me know. (In this case, the actual error messages you receive would be helpful to know.)

Yes, the full version will be able to record and save a performed event, just like the demo version. That's the only tricky part, really. You first select an audio file, and then select "record performance," and it will record your performance timed to the audio file you created. You can then set it to play back that performance at various intervals or whenever you press the "p" key.

Anonymous said...

Yorick worked great on my windows box. Will there ever be a final version of the Jolly Roger? Even a fullscreen version of the it with the pirates song would be great. I would totally love to use it in my pirate themed haunt. If not, I will try to use Yorick.

CC said...

Well, I kinda leapfrogged Jolly Roger with Yorick, since there didn't seem to be a lot of interest in it, but if there's interest, I could certainly revive it.

I can't release the version with the pirate song, since I don't own the copyright to the song. However, if I release the Jolly Roger puppet, you could get your hands on the ride soundtrack and record your own performance.

Another alternative would be to get pirate garb onto Yorick - a bandana, eyepatch, and some floating femurs. (Or would a pirate captain's hat be better?)