Monday, September 11, 2006

The Home Haunt Community is the Best!

So as you know, I recently put up Yorick for sale on our web site. I'm not charging much, just a bit to help take the sting out of the cost of running Carnival of Souls every year.

But what I didn't expect was for people to purchase Yorick when they don't even intend to use it. I've gotten multiple people send me messages saying that they bought Yorick simply because they appreciate the things we've done on our web site over the past several years. How cool is that? For all the tinkering with corpses, body parts, and monsters, home haunters are at heart a selfless, generous, and gracious group.

Of course, this should come as a surprise to no one. Every one of them puts a lot of planning, effort, time, and money for months at a time into making other people happy for just one night a year. Of course they are cool people - they're all about giving to others. (Giving scares is still giving, after all. Heh.) But sometimes, its surprising just how gracious people can be, and this is one of those times.

Man, I picked the right hobby!

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