Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tell my son I love him

As I type this, we're under a big, dramatic tornado warning. Hail is raining down around us, and the doppler radar images show a giant mass of red and purple over the place where I work. So if this blog suddenly goes silent, you'll know why!

Luckily, our building is built like a bunker - concrete blocks and no windows, designed by a prison architect. It's probably the safest place in town right now. Unfortunately, the tornado's path went right through the area of town where our house is, and it is not built like a bunker. I guess we'll find out whether our house is a "mysterious tornado magnet" or not.

One humorous note is that the local weather service is telling everyone to stay away from windows. As a Mac user, I've been saying that for years. Hyuk.

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