Sunday, September 17, 2006

Man Stuff

So my wife is afraid of squishing bugs. You wouldn't guess it if you knew her, 'cause she's pretty level-headed and no-nonsense in a lot of ways, but the mere prospect of a little bug sends her into such a tizzy that it awakens the male "chase the girl with the bug" gene in me. (This gene is present in all males of the species, not just me, btw.)

She seems to think that it is somehow uncouth to hold a recently-deceased dead bug that she refused to kill out for her to see. My view is that if you're not going to kill it yourself and play the "that's the husband's job" trump card, you're asking for a little ribbing in exchange.

What she fails to realize, however, is that it could be a lot worse. I hold it out to her, follow her around with it a bit, and then it's over. But I am a home haunter, so I have the skills to do something much more...elaborate. For instance, I could do what SpookyBlue, another clever home haunter, does. Not only does SpookyBlue go to much greater lengths than I to evoke that squeamish reaction in his wife, he also hides hidden cameras so that he may not only watch her squee around over and over again at his leisure, but he also posts it on the internet to let you watch it, too.

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