Saturday, September 23, 2006

NMSU is bleeding

Is it just me, or is NMSU bleeding good people?

Today, I went to a going-away party for two of my good friends who are moving away, and although it was fun, it really sucks to realize that I'm not going to see them much any more. This is on the heels of hearing the sad news that another one of my personal friends is moving his family away within the month, too.

All three of them are people I regularly hang out with socially, and all three of them work(ed) at NMSU, in three different departments, and are very good at what they do.

I don't know exactly what's causing it, and it may just be a freak coincidence because I happen to know them all, but it seems like this is getting to be something of a ritual around here - good people seem to be leaving NMSU in droves. Lots of people I know all over campus have headed off for greener pastures. It's one thing to watch your excellent professional colleagues vanish one by one by one by one by one. It's another thing to have to say goodbye to close personal friends. Yeah, the former makes your job more difficult and less pleasant, but ultimately, it doesn't go beyond the workday. But the latter drains away your quality of life. Las Cruces is going to feel a lot more empty next week.

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