Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tornado Results

Okay, we survived the tornado, but skylights all over the city were taken out by the hailstorm. I imagine Lowes and Home Depot are going to be doing a brisk skylight business tomorrow. When I got home, I went up onto our roof, and luckily, ours survived, but one of our neighbors who is out of town had six of her skylights break, so I took a ladder and went and duct-taped black plastic over her skylights.

Not as interesting as competing against the black-clad evil meteorologists from Twister, but hey, I think I prefer this to flying cows.


holly said...

look, i don't know that much about tornados, okay, but i still say that a hailstom that doesn't destroy every roof and car in town is no hailstorm at all. ;)

CC said...

Well, granted, it was nothing like the one up in Socorro. So what should we call it? Hailspit? Hailsprinkle?