Monday, September 18, 2006

Rumors abound

As I mentioned earlier, we have some waste of carbon in town demanding a ransom or he'll start shooting Las Crucens randomly. Or so he claims.

It didn't seem to register much - life in Las Cruces went on as usual as near as I could tell, despite major news networks saying things like "New Mexico town under siege!"

But the news came out on the weekend. I guess news didn't spread until the first workday, because today, we started hearing multiple scare-rumors floating around that "gunmen have opened fire at (insert random location here)." Near as I can tell, all of them were hoaxes / false alarms.

Unfortunately, one of those "random locations" was very close to where my son goes to day care, so I was basically unable to concentrate until I got further news that it was a false alarm, despite the fact that I knew the chance that he was in danger was practically nil. By contrast, when the rumor came that the gunmen were on the NMSU campus, I was fine.

I hope they catch the guy soon, because even if you keep your head through these things, the primordial brain that simmers under our consciousness can't ignore the "what if?" possibility. When I think of my son during the day, I want to remember the stunningly cute thing he did this morning, not dread a sorrow that I can't even begin to imagine. I think enough about how this country and world is going to crap - I don't need this on top of it.

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