Saturday, March 18, 2006

Watch Luke grow up

Next, on a very special BlossomStar Wars...

Looks like the Sci Fi channel is in talks to create a Star Wars television series, set between episodes III and IV, wherein you watch a young Luke Skywalker growing up. While I guess I'm on board with a Star Wars series, this premise sure sounds like a mistake. Considering Luke was whining about nothing interesting ever happening and how wet-behind-the-ears he is, clearly, not much of interest happened to him during the formative years before the two droids came into his life. So either they stay true to that, and we get teen angst dramas set against a space-desert backdrop (do landspeeders have back seats to make out in?), or they break that and have Luke fighting off stormtroopers and Sith lords, which has to be explained away with some contrivance to set things right before the start of Episode IV.

Seems like it would have been a better strategy to focus on the general Star Wars universe, with new characters, than to try to shoehorn a series around a character that has so much rigidity to his story already. I guess I'm just worried the show will "Jump the Womp Rat" before it even finishes its first episode. All I know is: the first time Luke has to choose between being popular and befriending a poor Sandperson who's being picked on at Tatooine High, the show's getting turned off.

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