Sunday, March 05, 2006

Among the Living

Those of you wondering what happened to me after not posting for several days, no, I didn't end up succumbing to Captain Trips, although I have been laid up with a nasty sore throat stuporous nasty bug of some variety that has left me without enough energy to blog.

Or rather, nothing worth blogging about, which takes more energy than days when I have something interesting to blog about. When you're sick in bed all day, there's not a lot new to report that would be of interest to anyone else. The things that excite you when you're sick are not the sorts of things people want to read about, and when you live life from "dose of Theraflu" to "dose of Theraflu," being able to set your watch off of the return of symptoms half an hour before you can take your next dose, it's tough to come up with something that matters to anyone who is not also suffering the same affliction.

I did manage to play quite a bit of Neverwinter Nights for Mac. Thank god it has many, many hours of gameplay in it, because it was pretty much the only thing that kept my mind off of the cluster of razor blades and sandpaper rolling around in the back of my throat all week. The game took on a pretty surreal feel for me, though, since I would play it in a half-awake zombie state, thanks to sleep deprivation and over-the-counter "nighttime" meds.

I'll blame that disconnect from reality for my unwise decision to create a Bard character to play the game with. I've come to the conclusion that Bards suck. Yeah, yeah, they can sing and cast a few spells, but they generally suck at fighting and suck at spellcasting, which makes them okay in a party but not so good at going it alone. (Yeah, you get a henchman, but how much fun is it to have a lower-level halfling rogue do all your killin' for you?) At one point, I tried going back and creating a real fighter-type, but the thought of having to go through all the locales and dialogues again just seemed too overwhelming, so I fell back to my Bard save game. Now, I just tell myself I enjoy the challenge of playing the game with a suboptimal character class.

Anyway, that's what I've been doing, and why I haven't been blogging recently. I'll pick it back up more as I get feeling better...

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