Monday, March 27, 2006

That must be why people smoke after sex

The British Medical Association has published a study that shows that smokers are much more likely to be impotent. And the more you smoke, the larger the danger.

When we did our tobacco education project a while back, we went with the philosophy that talking about the health risks of smoking was ineffectual, because the target audience was young and feel invincible. Instead, we went after the social risks of smoking: bad breath, yellowed teeth and fingers, the stink of tobacco that follows you around, and the money you could otherwise spend on CD's, DVD's, etc.

We couldn't have used this information in our project, since it was aimed at kids, but this sounds like the ultimate social deterrent to smoking. If you light up, you won't get up. If they're smart, the anti-smoking health organizations will start leading with this study. I see an ad where the smoker watches in puzzlement as the cigarette he's holding starts drooping...

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