Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Scary Flash Games

I found a few fun little Flash games recently that are really well-produced considering it's a lone garage developer putting them together. They're interactive horror adventures in the vein (pardon the pun) of Hellraiser and Evil Dead. The first one is called Exmortis, and the second, a sequel, is called Exmortis2 (found by way of Jay is Games).

The first game feels a little rough around the edges, and has a few game elements that it shouldn't, like having to do some events in an apparently arbitrary order. But it develops a surprisingly strong tone for its unique fictional world, which gets even stronger and more distinctive in the second installment. There are some good jump-scares in the game, rare for a Flash game, and it is fairly forgiving in the instant-death department, considering the subject matter.

I won't engage in spoilers here. Just go check out the games - be warned, though, they're not for the squeamish.


Cynic said...

They are brilliant games. I'm eagerly awaiting the third, though it's taking a long time. ):
The internet needs more games like Exmortis.

Zombie games said...

Sick Flash games man

game shed said...

I agree with you CC. Ben Leffler knows the perfect recipe for a truly horror game. What makes a horror game truly scary? Well...there are lots of elements like a solid storyline, good graphics and sounds and many more. Cutting visual stimuli and sticking purely to audio or speech is one of the best ways to keep a player on their toes. Even if visual stimuli is used, limiting or obfuscating the player’s view can enhance the horror in a game, especially if the player sees it for an incredible short time. By mixing all these elements Ben has created one of the best flash horror games which will keep you in front of the screen for a while. And just like Cynic said, the internet needs more games like Exmortis.