Saturday, February 18, 2006

Documentary on Britannia Manor

If you're a home haunt enthusiast, you have to check out this short documentary on Britannia Manor, the home haunt of Ultima series creator Richard "Lord British" Gariott.
Screenshot from Documentary
In the documentary, Gariott talks about the history and ideology of his $100,000 full-contact home haunt where visitors have to swim, swing, row, crawl, and deduce their way to safety.

The makers of the documentary are apparently offering a pseudo-free (you pay shipping and printing costs) DVD containing this documentary and a video tour of the home haunt. You can order it at Generation Fear.

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Dave said...

Thanks for the plug! We are Steve The Bum Productions and it used to be totally free but we sold out and the demand was really high. Anyway enjoy the DVD and thanks again for the plug

- David