Saturday, February 04, 2006

Another dev screenshot

The work I've been doing on a (potential) 3D remake of my console-style RPG Sacraments is really starting to look like I envisioned it. Check it out:
Screenshot thumb
(Click for larger version.)

Tonight, I added two new town tiles: a forest edger and a generic grass tile. Combined with the apothecary shop from last night, these tiles allowed me to test a walkaround with a pretty good idea of how a town in the game might look. Even better, it turns out that the 3D engine seems to be able to handle quite a bit of geometry gracefully. I was able to actually walk around the town without any performance issues. The test shot above is from a town scene that is 100 meters square - when you zoom out on the town to fit it all on the screen, you can't even see Luthien because she's too small to even be rendered.

This game is starting to look like it won't be that hard to put together after all.

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