Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Go CC, it's your birthday!

Okay, well, it's not my birthday, really, but it felt like it today when I brought home a 1 GHz G4 Laptop. This is great, because my old Powerbook was on its last legs - the track pad had died long before, forcing me to use a mouse, and recently the battery stopped holding a charge, so I had to use it tethered to the wall. In short, it was more like a really awkward desktop model than a laptop. But now, I have a big bump in processor speed, graphic card buffness, and even screen real estate. And lots of hard drive space - I can finally install XCode! Woo hoo!

But don't get too excited for me. It's mainly to do work on. With the Pirates project coming up, ongoing web projects, and some 3D animation work on the horizon, it's not just for personal use.

But luckily, the boss is not anal about using your work machine for personal purposes (within reason, of course). And it makes sense; if you integrate your work computer into your life, you can't help but integrate your work into your life. You see the emails, you see the calendar entries, you hit the same web pages in your RSS reader, etc. And when you have a job you like, like I do, it's not onerous to burn off some work-related development when you're bored, or inspired, or having an epiphany.

So, yes, it will have Neverwinter Nights on it. And heck, even that I can justify since we're supposed to be game designers and all. (Hmm, maybe if I kill this last orc, I'll get some insight into better game design...)

Anyway, all this is to say I'm posting this from my new laptop!

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