Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Apple's Back

We "watched" the Jobs keynote at MacWorld today, or rather, we sat looking at a text page that reloaded every 60 seconds, containing information being blogged from the MWSF floor as Jobs delivered his keynote.

The things I was looking for were there: blogging and podcasting.

There has not been good blogging support for .Mac accounts before now, and it sounds like Apple did it right, at least for the masses of people who don't want to tinker with XHTML and CSS (not me). Now people can add blogs to their .Mac web pages.

And iPod formatting from iMovie was a conspicuous hole in the iLife lineup that is now, thankfully, patched. I wonder if a similar update is coming for Final Cut Pro, which isn't as intuitive for delivering iPod podcasts as it could be.

I'm still a little skeptical of the Intel-based laptops, but I'm hoping that this ends up being a good thing. If it brings prices down, attracts developers, or makes it easier to port PC apps, then I think it will be a good thing, as long as it doesn't incur other problems along the way. I guess time will tell on that front.


Daniel Lopez said...

Apple is back? What do you mean? In my eyes they never left. I am glad to see the move to the Intel platform. Now maybe I can talk the Government into buying more Macs! They don't buy Apple computer hardware, but you would be surprised to find out how many of your tax dollars go to buy Ipods.

Cheers and I still need to talk with you about something!


Daniel Lopez said...

You know what also irks me? I seriously considered buying a bunch of Apple's stock when it hit $12 per share. Now it's in the $70s. Arrrgggggghhhhhhh!

CC said...

You're right. Apple never left. It just felt to me like Apple was slipping because of their lack of .Mac blog support, easy podcasting, etc. But now, it's obvious why I was feeling that way: they were working on doing it right. That's a great thing.