Thursday, December 15, 2005

Santa Claus vs. the Snow Monsters

For giggles, Matt and I have been working on a fun little game for this year's Christmas party here at Ag Comm.
Santa Claus Screenshot
It's called Santa Claus vs. the Snow Monsters, and the premise is that Santa has crash-landed in the snow on Christmas Eve, and has to fend off an army of snow monsters bent on finding out if that belly actually tastes like a bowl full of jelly.

The game is controlled with a dance mat (like in Dance Dance Revolution), and you control Santa inside his hastily-constructed snow fort. He can rotate left and right to face the oncoming snow monsters in different directions, he can duck their belched-out snowballs, and throw snowballs back at them. I'm doing the programming and Matt is doing the artwork. (That's not Santa in the snow fort there, obviously - that's a pirate from our pirate game that I'm using as a placeholder graphic for Santa.)

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