Friday, December 02, 2005

Playstation Zero

Tonight, I went to watch one of my Netflix that had come in, Scary Movie 3, to take my mind off of some stressful things going on at work. I pop it into the DVD player, and it tells me there's "no disc". I pop it out, put it back in. Still "no disc." Not really in the mood to deal with that, and not particularly in a movie-watching mood anyway, I decide to go into the office and play some Disgaea: Hour of Darkness on my PS2.

So I pop in Disgaea, and I start getting disc errors on that, too! I take out Disgaea and put in Dark Cloud 2, and it works. So I think it's the disc - I clean it off a bit and pop Disgaea back in, and I still get the disc error. After much fiddling, I put Dark Cloud 2 back in, and then it doesn't work either. I pop in Disney Golf and have no luck with that either.

My PS2 has officially died. The drive won't recognize discs any more. I guess I know what I'm asking for on my Xmas list this year...

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