Thursday, December 08, 2005

OMG Cup: N0x35C49E

The entries for the OMG Cup are up and ready for download. The OMG Cup is a game programming competition for Mac that typically sports some interesting gameplay by hobbyist developers. If you run Mac and would like some free gaming goodness, head on over and download the games that sound interesting.

N0x35C49E avatarSo far, my personal favorite is N0x35C49E, a shmup in the classic tradition, complete with a big crab-shaped boss battle at the end. But what makes this one cool is that it eschews the typical eye candy and goes for well-formed ASCII art for its graphics, making me nostalgic for the days when we made similar game art back in high school on the VT100's. (But the gameplay stands up on it's own, even without the gimmick graphics.) Be sure to check it out.

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