Monday, December 05, 2005

Harry Potter cameo in Order of the Stick

Rich Burlew did a send-up of the Harry Potter franchise today in the always-funny strip Order of the Stick. Be sure to check it out.

One interesting thing that this strip pointed out which I had (somehow) never noticed before is that the name of Harry Potter's school, Hogwarts, is really just a transposition of the syllables in Warthogs. Could it be that there is a fifth house that has yet to be introduced? We already have Griffins, Ravens, Snakes, and Badgers as mascots for Houses - could the reference to warthogs be a clue to something coming in the last book? (Or is it an homage to Welcome Back, Kotter, a series that featured some students - called "warthogs" - who were equally precocious, troublesome, and likable? Is Dumbledore Mr. Kotter?)

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