Friday, December 09, 2005

Game Developer's Refuge taken down by a pedophile

Last night, a post appeared at the Game Developer's Refuge, a web site dedicated to independent game development, requesting art assistance for a massively multiplayer game in which the players take on the role of pedophiles trying to sexually assault children. A few board members showed their gutter-stripes, saying that the game sounded cool, and offered assistance.

At first, the claim was that the game would be satire, which I would like to believe is the reason some suckers were willing to help at the beginning. But as critics started showing up and taking the guy to task, the idiot's defense of his game idea shifted to "education" about pedophiles, to "it's better to have pedophiles acting out their fantasies virtually than on real kids", and finally to some crazy-ass rant about how he is a worshipper of chaos or something. Clearly, the guy is a nutjob with pedophilic tendencies himself.

When the site owner for the Game Developer's Refuge came on, he was so disgusted, he took the entire web site down and is no longer going to host it. He is a new parent, and is now disillusioned with his clientele and his site, apparently to the point where he wants to wash his hands of the whole thing. I personally wish he would have left the board up rather than let this psycho ruin things for everyone, but I understand why he did it. When you have a child, it would be hard enough to stomach even satire about pedophilia, let alone a game that allows people of that inclination to act it out. To think that your site and your servers was aiding in that, and that the people whom you host on your servers thought it was a good idea and wanted to actively help...well, I understand why he did it. Legal issues aside, the emotional taint of that would be very hard to bear every night he looks into his child's eyes.

Of course, the creep who's trying to make this game is just going to go elsewhere until he finds someone willing to help him make his game. What an odious waste of carbon.

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