Thursday, June 30, 2005

More Family Photos

(More family photos. Sorry it's been a while - I'm still sick, but thought I'd better get some photos out there lest I fall really far behind...)

First of all, my wife suggested I break the "contemplating which way to perish" photo into three separate photos, so here are the new versions:
Contemplating an Unpleasant Choice
Baked to Death
Lion Buffet

I mentioned before that my mom liked dolls. Well, my dad didn't care for dolls particularly, but he did have his own related obsession: miniatures. His job at work was to measure really, really small things very accurately, so something about a tudor sofa at 1/2400th scale appealed to him. For some reason. Anyway, near the end of the first day's travels, he said he wanted to stop at a miniatures shop that he had heard about. We went about forty minutes out of our way to get to this little hole-in-the-wall shack in the middle of nowhere.

It was tiny, not much bigger than an outhouse. I was relieved. "This won't take long," I thought.
The Shack of Miniatures
Unfortunately, I was about to learn a little something about not judging a book by its cover, or in this case, judging an itty bitty teeny book by its eensy weensy tiny cover. As I walked into the shop, a wave of horror swept over me as I realized that when you deal in products that are measured in square millimeters, you can fit a lot of inventory in a tiny little shop...
Shack of Miniatures, Interior

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