Friday, June 17, 2005

Crafts Galore

(More anniversary party photos.)

It turns out that the Haunted Dollhouse really left an impression on the neighbor kids. I mean, what other kid had a torture dungeon playset?
Showing the Dollhouse
The fact that my parents made a haunted dollhouse for me wouldn't surprise you if you knew what life in the Chamberlin house was like. You see, my parents loved arts and crafts type projects. They were always working on projects, and there were craft supplies in every nook and cranny throughout the house.
Project Central
I started counting the projects we started when I was eight, and by the time I was fourteen, they had worked on over four hundred and twenty projects. Of which they completed two. (And the haunted dollhouse was not one of them - it's still not finished. It still needs the vampire balcony attached, and the mad scientist's laboratory has some machinery that needs finishing up. Not that I cared, because the cool parts like the trap door, secret passage, and death bed all worked...)

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