Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Doll Workshop

(More drawings for the anniversary party.)

It was easy to lose your way in the dark with all those creepy dolls staring down at you. But the one place you didn't want to stumble into in the middle of the night was Mom's Doll Workshop.
Doll Workshop
Trays and trays of severed baby limbs and arms, their ceramic skins glowing eerily in the moonlight!
Trays of Limbs
And those faces! Hundreds of decapitated dolls staring at you with empty eye sockets, the backs of their heads sheared off and their eyes plucked out, glaring balefully at you with evil intent!
Doll Heads
What is a child to do with such terror?
Going Catatonic
Approach of the Doll
Cured of Catatonia
When you're a little kid, nothing is worse than a doll you accidentally set off in the middle of the night. You jump right out of your skin.

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