Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Death in the Family version three

I just finished cutting out the cards for Death in the Family version 0.3. This version has a deck which allows the players more options with nearly every card, allowing for more Machiavellian intrigues in a turn as well as a hopefully abbreviated gameplay duration. My friend Kurt is hosting a gaming weekend starting tomorrow night, and we're planning on playtesting the game again. I really hope that we've hit the magic formula this time. After the near-perfect game balance in my first try with Sex Farce, this one is sure taking a long time to balance.

I also discovered that it's far better to cut out cards from card stock using scissors rather than a bladed paper scorer/cutter. We don't have one of those heavy paper cutters, so it was a choice between the two, and the former is way better. The lines may not be as straight as with scissors, but you can correct as you go, and the paper edge is smooth.

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