Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Big Hearts in Big Country" up for People's Choice

Big Hearts in Big Country version 2
As you may know, my 1KM1KT 24-hour RPG competition entry was a wild west themed RPG with saloon-inspired trappings called Big Hearts in Big Country. It's got a fun, cinematic combat system, a character-driven storytelling system, and a heavily fleshed-out setting, all in one free package.

Well, if you like it, then you should head on over and vote for it, because it is nominated for a people's choice award in the "Honey, Where's My Dice Bag?" category.

And as always, play reports are welcome!

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misterecho said...

I have downloaded and printed big hearts in a big country. Im looking over the rules etc. This may take a while as im a newbie RPGer. But i really wanted this to be the first game i run. I love the art and mechanics! I will post a play report on my blog.

many thanks for all the hard work thats gone into this game.