Friday, February 16, 2007

State of the Nation

Today when I opened Newsvine to get a dash of news, the top seeds included:Ah, nothing gives me a surge of patriotism like those three headlines all in a row. Not.

And let's not forget the new Fox News ripoff of The Daily Show. It's just sad enough that you kinda even feel sorry for them, until they start rolling out the racist jokes. It's no wonder they had to pipe in a canned laugh track - the audience must have been sitting there in embarassed silence.

Oh well, at least Fox is finally starting to fess up that they're in the fake news business. And the fact that they're desperate to mock Barack Obama when there's really no joke there (other than, apparently, "Marion Barry did drugs - and he's black too!" - ain't that a gem?) lends credence to the idea that Obama's the right man for the job. Let's hope their fears are well-founded.

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