Monday, February 19, 2007

Introducing Arkham Investigations

Arkham Investigations is a fan-made expansion to the excellent Fantasy Flight game Arkham Horror.

Unlike other fan-based expansions, Arkham Investigations does not attempt to add a new locale, new characters, etc. Instead, it attempts to modify the gameplay to achieve a few goals:
  • Add an exciting endgame sequence when the players do well, too, not just when they fail to close gates fast enough.
  • Allow for more bibliographically faithful, plot-based investigations by limiting the monster pool and including staged encounters that follow a story.
  • Allow players to cooperate against monsters and location challenges (but also allow monsters to cooperate against players!).
  • Provide a mechanism that allows other fan-based expansions to be easily created by other fans.
Arkham Investigations is intended to be an alternate method for playing the game, not a complete replacement. This is primarily because in order to play, you need a casebook, which is probably only interesting for one or two playings. Hopefully, this will add value to your game, and give you and your gaming group a fun way to pass an evening.


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