Monday, February 05, 2007

Great photos of Terroride and Dracula's Castle

I just found some great photos of Lagoon's dark rides - Terroride and Dracula's Castle. Along with the venerable Disney's Haunted Mansion, these were the two attractions that fueled my childhood love of dark rides which, thankfully, never went away. The uninitiated will find the faux facades and less-than-realistic horror trappings cheesy, but really, it's all part of the fun. And when you're a little kid, it's not cheesy at all; it's scary. I remember being creeped out by the Terroride witch that opened and closed the wooden shutters and glared down at you while you waited in line. I remember being aware that it wasn't real, that somewhere behind her, there was a motor pushing her forward and back, but it still made me apprehensive about what I would find inside.

Part of me wants to go back and re-experience these rides before they get torn down. But another part of me is worried that it will sap all the magic out of them. The rotating tunnel in Dracula's castle doesn't work any more, and I suspect other elements will be showing their age, as well. Maybe it's worth it to only have wispy, half-formed memories of those dark interiors. Better that, perhaps, than to see the ruin of a childhood fantasy.

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