Sunday, November 05, 2006

Slimy tactics in the eleventh hour

So the Republicans are biting their nails about Democrats looking good in the polls. What's the "party of family values" to do? Start engaging in more deceptiveness and underhanded tricks, as has been their hallmark of late, of course. Apparently, in Philadelphia and other close races, the GOP has been making thousands of robocalls pretending to be from the Democratic candidate in order to annoy voters, including making calls to voters on the "Do Not Call" registry.

The idea is to get people so annoyed with the Democratic candidate from fake robo-calls that they vote for the Republican out of spite.

Get a clue, Republicans. Behavior like this is exactly why you shouldn't be in power. A willingness to engage in outright deception of your constituents is not a good trait for a legislative representative.

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