Saturday, November 18, 2006

Featuring our Friends

Tim's Crypt
I've finally gotten around to throwing a little love towards our Friends of ImaginEERIEing experience. We've been getting some truly awesome work from people, and I wanted to do some improvements in how we showcase their work.

First of all, we have a nicer form powered by WuFoo.

Second, the "friends" entries now know what effect of ours they use, so they now appear on the web pages for the individual effects. For instance, peoples' Magic Mirror implementations now show up on the Magic Mirror page in addition to the "friends" page.

Finally, this new version of the "friends" functionality should be a little more reliable. Before, we were doing a database pull from LazyBase, and although they have a great little service, it suffered from outages more than I'd like, so now I'm trying out WuFoo, as mentioned above. The guys at WuFoo are working on an API that should allow me to do "live" pulls eventually, but for now, some Javascript pulls the data from a CSV file. Be sure to have Javascript turned on if you want to see these new features.

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